About Matt Lutton and his Blog

Matt Lutton is a Tableau Zen Master, Technology educator, and Business Intelligence Analyst in Indianapolis, IN. His work focuses on creating beautiful, easy-to-use visualizations of data to provide end-users access to the data that matters most to them. Matt was born and raised in and around Miami County, Indiana and graduated from Indiana State University in 2007 with degrees in Business Education, Business Administration, and Information Design and End-User Computing.

Matt has served as both a Lead Tableau Desktop author, and Tableau Server administrator in his most recent role.  He is also a Licensed K-12 Business Education teacher in the state of Indiana.

Outside of Tableau, Matt enjoys playing the guitar and has many to choose from in his small collection of vintage and modern guitars and tube amplifiers.  Here is a photo of a recent acquisition: a 1972 Harmony H-6303 flattop, rebuilt with X bracing…

Harmony Guitar

Rebuilt 1972 Harmony H-6303 Flattop

Yes, Matt is afflicted with a common disease among guitar players: GAS, aka Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

This blog is a space for Matt to post his ramblings on Tableau, and share information, ideas, and visualization techniques with Tableau’s amazing user community! He hopes to connect with many of you readers along the way!


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